Best Apartment Security Cameras

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Apartment complexes or high rises are widespread in any of the metropolitan cities. The fundamental problem is that people living in these apartments mostly do not know each other.

Moreover, changing populations happen very frequently in these apartments. It occurs specially for the residents who come on rent. Therefore, most of the residents are strangers to each other.

Even some of the flat owners travel frequently or stay away due to some personal or professional issues. As a result, the chances of theft or vandalism are very high in these complexes. 

For this, the apartment security camera has come into place to stop those mishappening. These security cameras come with numerous advanced features to allow you to lead a tension-free life.

The installation of these security cameras is straightforward and is available in an affordable price range. These security devices allow you to monitor every single incident happening outside your apartments from anywhere you want.

There are some of the apartment security cameras come with the wire-free option to help especially the renters. Therefore, these surveillance units are the only key to make your housing life simpler.

Now, I am sure you people are thinking of installing one for your apartments. But you will find numerous options available in the market. It is inevitable; you may feel confused about finding the appropriate one.

To help your quest, I am here with some of the best apartment security cameras along with their positive and negative aspects. Please read on to find one for your own.

I am also going to attach a detailed buying guide here. It will help you to make your decision relatively easier.

Best Apartment Security Cameras Reviews

1. Arlo (VMS4230P) Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren 

Arlo Pro 2 comes first in my list of the best security camera for apartments. The best part is that the installation of this video camera is straightforward and requires no time.

Therefore, this surveillance camera does not hurt the walls of your apartment. This Arlo Pro 2 camera comes with two wireless devices. Each of them has rechargeable batteries with 6-months validation.

Another most important feature of this unit is to capture crystal clear and sharp images. Motion and sound detection is another noticeable feature of this security camera system.

Featured with an in-built siren to notify you whenever it detects any motion. Enabled with Cloud storage, it saves all the captured images and videos for up to 7-days continuously.

If you need, you can also subscribe to different video storage plans for other tracks. This security camera system allows you to access it from your smartphone by installing a user-friendly mobile app.

Therefore, you can watch every detailing outside your apartment through a bord’s eye-view in your smartphone. There is a LookBack feature to help you to see what is happening 3-seconds before any motion detection.

Moreover, the manufacturers design these cameras weatherproof to make them withstand all the harsh conditions. So, you can install them both in the indoor and outdoor of your apartment.

There is an integrated spotlight that allows capturing crisp images even in the midnight. It comes with a 160-degree wide viewing angle to capture images from a large-scale area of your apartment.

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant has made this device the best apt security cameras. You will find Arlo Pro 2 camera in a white enclosure with a black face.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Batteries are compatible with harsh temperatures
  • Exists no connection issue
  • Gives notification as soon as it detects any motion


  • Inferior customer service
  • It sends too many notifications to that can annoy you

2. Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System, Wired Surveillance 1080p HD

 Swann surveillance camera comes with four camera devices to protect your apartment and your dear ones. It has 1080p HD resolution to capture sharp and clear images.

The manufacturers design a sensor detecting light in these wireless security cameras. Any heat and motion detection will activate this sensor light to let you identify the intruder.

Voice compatibility has made this device the best apartment security camera. It is compatible with Google Assistant & Chromecast, Google Home Hub and Alexa to allow you to play videos from your smartphone.

Moreover, you will receive an immediate notification through messages or email if it detects any warm motion, whether a person, animal or your pet.

Swann video camera has weather coating to make it tolerate rain, storm, dust and snow. Therefore, you can easily install them outside your apartment to avoid any hassle.

You can also install a Swann security app in your smartphone to monitor the device from anywhere and anytime you want. The best part is that the sensor light helps capture color images up to 32ft even dimly.

You will surprise to see the colors of the clothing, cars or any other detailing in midnight captured images. You can store all the captured footages in the Cloud to avoid any future inconvenience.

Featured with the Smart Search option, this surveillance device will start searching for your stolen device in the specific zone. If you want to expand the coverage area, you can add four more cameras with this set of devices.


  • DVR comes with a comfortable configuration
  • Comes with a well-instructed user manual
  • Captures clear and crisp images both in day and night
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa technology


  • Unable to connect the DVR to see the camera feeds in your smartphone
  • Poor customer service

3. Google Nest Cam Indoor – Wired Indoor Camera for Home Security – Control 

Everybody wants an easy installation for their apartment surveillance camera. Google Nest comes with such a temporary structure that any other brand can offer. This plug-and-play device also comes with a user-friendly app on your smartphone.

Google Assistant compatibility has made this device the best available apartment security camera in the market. Even, the non-technical person can easily install this smart device in the wall of your apartment.

To get the best service, you can also purchase the Nest Aware to let the device notify you of the motion detecting feature. If these wireless security cameras recognise a face to be an intruder; it will certainly send you an immediate alert.

Enabled with Supersight tracker, this video camera will notify you if it detects any stranger roaming around your apartment. Even, these wireless security cameras can capture crystal clear images and videos in the midnight.

This surveillance camera has 1080p HD resolution and a 130-degree viewing angle to take footages from a large coverage area. Google Nest device comes in a stylish look and is suitable for the people living in a connected lifestyle.

In case, if you want, you can share the captured footages with your family and friends to let them also notified. Even, you can monitor your surveillance device from anywhere you want.

There are an in-built speaker and microphone to allow you both way audio feature. This feature allows you not only to listen to but also speak with your stranger.


  • Great picture quality
  • Great night vision
  • Nice build quality
  • Easy configuration and set-up


  • High subscription charge
  • Talk back option is not satisfactory

4. Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera, 1080 HD video

Blink indoor surveillance security camera is available in an affordable price range. You can install this battery-operated video camera in your indoor apartment.

These smart devices capture crisp images and videos both day and night. Motion detection, both local and Cloud storage, has made it perhaps the best wireless security cameras for apartments.

The installation of these wireless security cameras is straightforward and requires minimal time. Alexa voice compatibility is another additive feature that has made this apartment security camera noteworthy.

As this Blink Mini security camera does not come with weatherproof coating, it is suitable for your indoor apartment. The manufacturers provide two years of warranty on the longevity of the batteries.

Enabled with 1080p HD resolution and 110-degree viewing angle, it can capture crisp images and videos of a large coverage area. There is an infrared LED light present to help the device to capture images even in the midnight.

Designed with an in-built speaker and microphone, it allows you both ways audio functioning. It also has a temperature sensor to let you know the room temperature.

Overall, Blink can be the best apartment security camera with two LEDs that work as an indicator. The chip technology of this surveillance device will send you alerts if it detects any motion.

Moreover, it comes with all the necessary mounting screws to make it easily fit in the indoor wall of your apartment.


  • Super easy set-up
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Well-connected
  • Great customer service


  • No option for continuous viewing
  • Delivery can take little time

5. Wyze Cam Pan 1080p Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera White 

Wyze Cam Pan comes last in my list of the best apartment security cameras. This device takes only 3 seconds to scan an entire room. You can set this device to make an auto-scan the room.

These apartment security camera systems come with an excellent motion detecting feature. Wyze security camera is not going to miss even a single movement of your child or pet.

You can find these wireless security cameras within a decent price range. It offers free Cloud storage to save all the 12-seconds captured videos for up to continuous 14-days.

Those who want can also buy the paid Cloud storage to save all the detailing with the better video quality. Though, it will not pinch much your pocket to believe this extra storage.

Most interestingly, it has an advanced AI technology; it can comfortably detect a person or a pet. Night vision is another notable feature of these security cameras. 

You can install a user-friendly app in your smartphone to monitor this device from anywhere in the world. Google Assistant compatibility makes it the best outdoor security cameras for an apartment.

Featured with 1080p HD resolution, it can capture sharp images and videos. Six infrared LED lights allow you to view even in perfect darkness.

You are going to like the tilt and zoom option the most in it. Wyze security cameras for apartments allow you to view all the corners of your room by moving the camera.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Easy to use the app
  • Motion detection feature is excellent
  • Comes with two-way audio feature


  • Difficult to scroll the video playback
  • Suitable for indoor use only

How to Choose Best Apartment Security Camera – Buying Guide

You should look for certain factors before picking one for your best apartment security camera.

  • Viewing angle: Most of the security cameras for apartments come with multiple viewing angles that range from 90-degree to 140-degree. If you want to monitor the wider area, you need to install devices with larger viewing angles. Else, you can install a narrower surveillance device to monitor the front section of your apartment.
  • Night vision: Most of the cameras for apartments has a night vision feature. Those who want to monitor your home 24×7; should check this feature. People living in rural areas should install cameras with an excellent night feature to view any nocturnal animals roaming around the house.
  • Resolution: Resolution plays another crucial role in apt security cameras. It helps you to capture images very sharp and crisp. Generally, security cameras with 480p to 1080p HD resolution are ideal for installing in an apartment.
  • Motion detection: This feature will send you an alert as soon as it detects motion. Even, it will notify in case your pet or kid is moving around the home. Some of the security cameras for apartment doors come with 90-degree motion detection, others with 270-degree. Rest come with LED lights to detect motion. Therefore, you must check the motion boundaries as per your requirement.
  • Audio: Very few devices come with a two-way audio functioning feature. Devices with the two-way audio element allow you to communicate with the person outside your apartment door. Some cameras come with a siren notification to alert you of any intruders.
  • App support: Most of the installed cameras for apartments come with an app that you can access in your smartphone or PC. It will help you to control the devices from anywhere you want.
  • Size: Last but not least, size is a notable feature. Some devices with a long neck and slim platform can be set anywhere you want. Others come with no channel, and the flat platform has limited installing options.

Conclusion on Best Apartment Security Cameras

Here ends the list of the best surveillance camera. All these devices have advanced features to make your housing life quiet. If you pick any one from the above list, do not forget to share your own experience with us.

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