Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System

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How will you feel when you find your robbed house after returning from outside? Everyone can’t keep the valuables in a secure place in today’s busy schedule.

Therefore, you need someone to deter the intruders. Only the best long-range wireless security camera system can give you 24×7 surveillance even on nights.

These outdoor security cameras can make the intruders scare enough. You will not be going to miss any single person with these security cameras. Thus, the right technology installation will secure not only your belongings but also your entire family.


These long-range cameras come with a wide viewing angle to capture every detail of the coverage area. You can install these devices not only in your houses but also to safeguard your business, parking lot, farmhouse, or backyard lawn.

Though, you will find an endless option available in the market. Finding the best one to serve all your purposes may be a little intimidating. Therefore, I have come with some of the best security devices to help you navigate.

You will find a detailed buying guide at the end part of this article. It will help you to make the decision wisely. So, why are you wasting your time! Just dive into the item to make a smart installation.

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Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System Review

1. TriVision Security Camera Outdoor POE, WiFi, HD 1080P with Motion Detection

TriVision PoE device comes first in the list of the best long-range wireless security camera system. The installation procedure of this camera is too simple to handle even for a non-technical person.

Therefore, you hardly need an instruction manual to make this outdoor camera installed. Moreover, it does not require any external system to store the captured images and videos.

There is an in-built SD card to record all the data. Another exciting feature of this device is remote access. You can easily access this device from anywhere you want by using an easy mobile app.

It has 1080p HD resolution to capture sharp images. 2 MP resolution and 18 FPS framing rates have made it one of the best security cameras available. Besides, it comes with an excellent night vision feature.

The brand claims to capture images up to 30 feet, even on nights. Motion detection is another notable feature to mention. As soon as this device detects a motion, it will send an immediate alert to notify you of the happenings.

A 90-degree wide viewing angle of this security camera will help you to monitor a large coverage area. This surveillance camera comes in a simple and elegant design.

There is also an in-built microphone to get the footages with a clear sound of the surroundings. Besides, TriVision allows you to connect this device with a PoE injector.


  • It comes with the well-instructed user manual
  • Very sturdy and reliable made
  • Obvious picture
  • Beneficial customer service


  • The corner images are not as sharp as the center, but pretty decent
  • Contrast set to 50%, little too high

2. Reolink PTZ Camera Outdoor 5MP Super HD Work with Google Assistant, PoE

Reolink PTZ cameras does not come with a fixed lens. Instead, it comes with a 360-degree rotational lens. Therefore, this feature allows the device to pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) to get a complete scenario of your surroundings.

Apart from this, the Reolink surveillance camera comes with never-ending features to mention here. Enabled with night vision features, it captures crisp images even at midnight.

There is an Ethernet cable that you can use both as network integration and power supply adapter. Moreover, this outdoor camera comes with weather coating to tolerate every harsh situation.

Even the manufacturers make this device with an Aluminium steel cover to be waterproof and tolerate the temperature ranging from 14-degree F to 131-degree F.

5 MP resolution and 20 FPS framing rates have made it the best long-range wireless security camera system. Moreover, this HD resolution helps to capture crystal clear images and videos.

Also, Reolink home security cameras capture clear night images ranging up to 190-feet. Another feature that you will like the most is motion detection. This surveillance system will send an alarming message to your smartphone after detecting any motion.

If you install a user-friendly app on your mobile, you can live view all the incidents happening in front of your house. It comes in white color with a dome-like design to look aesthetically modern.

Most interestingly, the installation of this surveillance system is straightforward and hassle-free. This device allows you to connect this device with an NVR or as a standalone system.


  • It gives a comprehensive coverage
  • Great video quality
  • Responsive customer support
  • Upgraded packaging


  • May lose focus sometimes at night
  • Short longevity

3. SEQURO GuardPro Wireless Security Camera System with 7 Inch Monitor

SEQURO GuardPro is another best long-range wireless security camera system that comes with numerous features to satisfy your requirements. It is suitable for those who do not want to take up the installation hassles.

This simple installation process has made it one of the best outdoor security cameras available in the market. Moreover, it comes with a wide coverage area than the other leading competitors.

SEQURO GuardPro comes with two compatible camera devices. The remote accessing feature is another notable option that you will get from this device. There is also a micro-SD card of 256 GB present to record the data.

Though, it comes with 720p HD resolution than 1080p. Therefore, some of you may not like the clarity of the recorded footage. The manufacturers attach a 7-inch touchscreen display to connect both the wireless camera devices.

This monitor allows you to view all the live views and footage. There is an HDMI output port that is present in this SEQURO outdoor camera. Motion detection is another noteworthy feature to mention.

If this surveillance camera detects any movement happening outside your premises, it will immediately send an alert to your smartphone to notify you. You can install a free SEQURO app on your smartphone to view the recorded footage.

SEQURO outdoor security cameras are available in a compact design with IP66 weather coating. Therefore, it can withstand any uncomfortable situation. 

Moreover, you only need a decent internet connection to make this device connected with your smartphone to view the live stream footages. Though, you will like the feature of the total coverage area the most.

It can capture up to 1000 feet of your open lawn and up to 200 feet of any concrete construction. Additionally, you will find infrared LED lights with this device to capture the images even in low-light conditions.


  • Simple installation
  • Simple to review the videos
  • Great customer service
  • Worth every penny


  • Poor video quality
  • May arise digital noise occasionally

4. Amcrest SmartHome 4MP Outdoor WiFi Camera Bullet 4MP Outdoor Camera

The list of the best long-range wireless security camera system remains incomplete without listing the Amcrest SmartHome device. The installation of this smart device will keep away all the intruders entering your house.

It comes with an extended range of surveillance to help you monitor. Moreover, Amcrest uses an encrypted connection to secure all your assets. Motion detection and night vision are other noteworthy features you will notice in this outdoor camera.

Its records crystal-clear images and videos that you can save in the innumerable storage options available. Besides, this long-range wireless security camera system comes with Alexa compatibility.

It has both the SD card and Cloud storage to keep the recordings. Also, you will notice NVR supporting compatibility. It is enabled with 4 MP HD resolution to capture sharp and crisp images.

It comes with a 30 FPS framing rate that is much higher than all the other leading brands. The illuminating LED lights help the surveillance camera to capture night images very clearly.

You can have a peaceful sleep after the installation of this device. As soon as it detects any motion, it will send an immediate alert to your smartphone or PC. You can also install Amcrest free app on your mobile to access the device anytime and anywhere you want.

Most importantly, these wireless outdoor security cameras are durable and have IP67 weather coating. Thus, it can withstand rain, storm, snow, wind, or other harsh weather conditions.

A 128-degree wide viewing angle allows an extensive coverage of your inside lawn. Instead, it requires a straightforward installation that can be possible even for a non-technical person.


  • Pretty good picture and video
  • Perfectly records every detail
  • Simple installation
  • Responsive customer service


  • With night vision feature, the walls become too bright; rest portions become dark
  • Motion detecting feature detects almost everything, that may annoy you sometimes

5. Arlo Technologies Wireless Home Security Camera System | Night vision

Last but not least, the Arlo security camera system is another best long-range wireless security camera system. This battery-powered device has decent connectivity to send footages comfortably.

Therefore, you can install it in any corner of your premises to get monitored up to 300 feet distance. It has a 720p HD resolution to capture standard quality images and videos.

Night vision is another excellent feature you will notice in these security camera systems. Enabled with a 110-degree wide viewing angle to surveillance a broad coverage area.

Moreover, it comes with a motion detection feature that you will like the best. If you want, you can customize this feature to monitor a specific zone. You can also set alert only for the persons, animals, or cars to avoid unnecessary notifications.

The installation of these wireless outdoor security cameras is straightforward, even for a non-tech savvy person. This surveillance system also allows you to access the remote functioning.

You can install an easy app on your mobile to access the device from anywhere you want. You can also view the live footage with this easy mobile app. Most importantly, Arlo gives 7-days free Cloud storage to the users.

Therefore, you need not subscribe to any further storage plans. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility has made it one of the best options. Lastly, this product has a weatherproof coating to withstand all kinds of an uncomfortable situations.


  • Easy set-up
  • Excellent customer service
  • App and interface work well
  • Nice packaging


  • It does not come with rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries are expensive

Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera System – Buying Guide

The best security cameras guarantee to protect not only your property but also the entire family. Therefore, before installing one in your home, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Video quality: The essential feature of a security camera is to capture clear images. For this, you need a camera having a high resolution. Cameras with 1080p HD resolution can be ideal for capturing crystal clear images.
  • Remote access: The surveillance camera helps you to view the live footage on your mobile. Therefore, you should not miss this feature in your security device. So, try to choose a camera that is compatible with your smartphone.
  • Storage capacity: Everyone wants a camera with enough storage options. Cameras that come with Cloud storage record the footage online.  You can also attach an extra hard drive to record data. Therefore, you should install the camera with storage capacity as per your preference.
  • Night vision: Outdoor security cameras should have excellent night vision feature to capture clear images. Some cameras come with infrared LED lights to illuminate the entire driveway.
  • PTZ option: The best security cameras come with a zooming opportunity to view the images. Besides, they have a suitable pan and tilt feature to monitor a wide area. Therefore, always try to install cameras that come with a wide viewing angle.

Conclusion on Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera

A long-range wireless security camera system can monitor areas up to thousands of feet. Thus, these security cameras can give you complete peace of mind that your home is completely secured. 

You are going to have all the benefits with this smart device that a wired device cannot. For all the home mentioned above, security cameras come with long-range vision capabilities to surveillance your house 24×7.

You can install any one of these above products to safeguard your house from bankrupt. Be safe and secure.  

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