Best Motion Detector Security Cameras

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Security cameras are the best option to protect not only your assets but also your entire family. If you stay away from home or travel frequently due to personal or professional issues; these devices will do the needful to protect your home.

This surveillance camera will capture every detail that is happening outside your premises. The only issue you may have is that you need to monitor these security devices all the time.

But staring all the time at a surveillance camera is quite impossible. Moreover, appointing a security guard for this purpose will not solve your issue entirely. Here comes the importance of a motion detector security camera.

These motion-detecting cameras will send you an immediate alarming notification as soon as it detects any moving activity. Installing this smart device will not only save your time but also allows you to relax on your couch.

Therefore, you can say that a camera without a motion sensor can be bread without butter. There are numerous motions detecting devices available with various features and technologies.

It is confusing to pick a single one for your apartment. To quench your thirst, I have come with some of the best market-rated motion detector security cameras available in the market.

Please read the entire article to install a perfect one in your apartment.

Best Motion Detector Security Camera Review

1. Reolink Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Rechargeable Motion Sensor

The Reolink wireless security camera comes first in the list of the best motion detector security cameras. It has 1080p HD resolution to capture crystal clear and sharp images happening outside of your premises.

Reolink smart device is wireless and comes with both batteries operated, and solar-power worked feature. Moreover, you can install these wireless security cameras, both indoor and outdoor of your house.

The installation of these security cameras is straightforward. It requires no cable cord or drilling to fit this unit. Therefore, you are free to install this smart unit any corner of your premises.

Enabled with 130-degree wide viewing angle, it can capture every detail very minutely. Moreover, this surveillance camera has IP65 weather-coating to withstand every harsh situation, like- rain, snow, storm or hail.

In-built speaker and microphone are other exciting features of this unit. This feature allows you to listen and speak back to the intruders. If you use this device as an indoor unit, you can talk with your elders or children.

It has Cloud storage to keep all the captured images and videos very securely. You can also attach an SD card to enhance the storage capacity. Google Assistant compatibility allows you to view all the live footages very comfortably.

The most important feature of this camera is motion detection. Whenever it detects any motion, it sends an immediate email alert to you. You can also set a siren to threat the burglars.

Featured with the latest image sensor, you can see the night images very clearly up to 33ft. Finally, the manufacturers design this security camera beautifully to fit both with your indoor and outdoor unit.


  • Simple set-up
  • Good phone app
  • Provides a strong security
  • Excellent picture quality


  • Poor customer service
  • May take little time to deliver

2. Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ProHD

Amcrest security camera has come to enjoy a peaceful sound sleep. This motion sensor camera will help you watch every detailing of your indoor and outdoor premises from anywhere in the world.

Amcrest is perhaps the best motion detector security camera to have almost all the latest features to fulfil all your requirements. Moreover, you will face any single hassle to make them installed in your house.

Moreover, this Wi-Fi security camera allows you to view even the live footages on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It has 1296p HD resolution along with a Sony image sensor to capture crisp images and videos.

This device allows you to save all the Amcrest Cloud app recordings for continuous 4-hours for free of cost. From there, you can watch all the recorded data with 3 MP image quality.

You are going to love the remote access feature the most. For this, all you need to have a decent internet connection. The only good and secure network allow you to watch all the happenings in your apartment in your smartphone or PC.

The manufacturers design these home security cameras with a heavy-duty metal to make it strong and durable. Besides this superior build quality, it has IP67 weather-coating to make it dustproof and endure all kinds of bad weather.

It has an excellent night vision feature that helps it to capture crisp images even in the midnight. There are 30 IR LED lights present to enhance the night vision feature up to 98ft.

Those LED lights can also illuminate the entire driveway or backyard to make it dark-free. Amcrest surveillance camera comes with a 100-degree wide viewing angle to monitor a large-scale area.

Also, this Alexa compatible smart device provides 1-year manufacturing warranty to make it the best.


  • Excellent storage of recordings
  • High resolution
  • Reasonably priced
  • Solid built quality


  • Setting up the Android mobile app is a bit confusing
  • Playback is little clunky

3. Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam

Ring Floodlight camera will give you the best possible security to protect all your assets. These wireless security cameras come with two illuminating lights to light up your entire driveway.

Ring Floodlight security camera has all the technological advancement to make this motion detector security camera the best. It has 1080p HD resolution to view every corner of your house with sharp clarity.

Not only that, this motion detector camera allows you to watch all the live happenings from anywhere and anytime you want. Most importantly, this camera has an in-built motion sensor to detect anybody stepping inside your apartment.

You will receive an immediate alert in your PC, laptop or smartphone as soon as it detects any motion. An in-built microphone and speaker allow you to listen to and speak back with your strangers, if necessary.

You can also set an alarming siren to keep away the burglars. The manufacturers attach two bright LED lights with this camera to make the entire premises illuminated.

Ring surveillance camera permits you to set a specific motion detecting zone as per your preference. Alexa compatibility is the other notable feature of this night vision camera.

You can also share all the recorded photos and videos with your family or friends to notify them. The best part is that it captures images up to 30ft high objects.


  • Easy installation
  • On-time delivery
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Allows two-way voice communication


  • Motion detecting feature does not work in night
  • Comes with little range of motion

4. Add-on Blink Indoor Home Security Camera

Add-on Blink night vision camera available in a very decent price range. Another best part of this Wi-Fi security camera is that it requires a straightforward installation. 

As this battery-powered device requires no cable cord for installation, you can quickly move this device from one place to another of your indoor apartment. It has 720p HD resolution that makes you watch every corner of your house with negligible distortion.

Motion detecting feature has made this device probably the best motion detecting security camera. It records the entire happenings that can help you to find the exact intruder.

Not only that, it can send you an email alert immediate after detecting any single motion. You can install Blink App in your smartphone to monitor the device sitting anywhere in the world.

To surprise you, Blink home security cameras come with free Cloud storage to keep all the recorded footages securely. Besides, this night vision camera has non-rechargeable Lithium batteries that can run for almost 2-long years.

Alexa compatibility is another notable feature of this motion detector security camera. The manufacturers design this camera as IP coated to make it durable and withstand uncomfortable situations.

There is an in-built microphone that permits clear one-way communication. An LED indicating light is present to brighten every corner of your indoor premises.


  • Excellent remote feature
  • Looks stylish
  • Nice packaging
  • On-time delivery


  • Poor customer service
  • The communicative part is not satisfactory

5. Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

eufy Security Floodlight camera comes last in my list of the best wireless motion detector security camera. Eufy comes with all the technological advancement to provide excellent security to your entire household.

Not only it gives you a peaceful sleep but also keeps all the records with full security. It has 1080p HD resolution and a wide range of viewing angles to monitor a wide coverage area.

The manufacturers attach two luminous lights with these wireless security cameras to brighten every corner of your house. These lights also help to detect the motion very quickly.

If you have a moderate network, you can access these security cameras anytime and anywhere via your smartphone or PC. Thus, eufy home security cameras come with a commitment to protect not only your apartment but your entire family.

Motion detector feature is another excellent feature of this device. As soon as it detects any motion, it will send you an alarming mail along with a screen shot to protect your home from any mis-convenience.

It would help if you did not shred any extra penny to store all the recorded data. It comes with secure local storage to keep all the footages. You can set the brightness as per your choice and circumference.

This night vision camera has IP65 weather coating to make it withstand rain, storm, snow, hail like any harsh conditions. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility allow you to stay connected easily and comfortably.


  • Good picture quality and decent wide-angle view
  • Fairly quick installation and set-up
  • User-friendly eufy security app
  • Great motion detection


  • Very short Wi-Fi range
  • 4GB recording storage

How to Choose Best Motion Detector Security CameraBuying Guide

Below are the factors that you should consider while buying the Best Motion Detector Security Camera.

  • Resolution: Resolution detects the clarity of the images that your Wi-Fi security camera will capture. Cameras with a good resolution will help you to identify clearly the persons or objects. Cameras having 1080p HD resolution can be ideal. As per my opinion, you should not buy one having resolution below 720p.
  • Two-way audio: Security cameras with having an in-built microphone and speaker can only allow two-way communication. It will help you to communicate with the people standing on the other side to eradicate misunderstanding.
  • Motion detection range: Motion detector feature of these security cameras ranges from 15ft to 200ft. This feature helps you to detect both the home intrusions and the visitors. Therefore, you should choose the motion range as per your own coverage area. The more the covered space, the more range you should select.
  • Night vision: Best outdoor security cameras should have night vision features. This feature helps you to see all the sneaky activities even in the no-light situation.
  • Installation: Most of these motion detector cameras are wireless. Naturally, they require very easy installation. Though, the installation procedure will vary from each other. Some motion detector devices require professionals for installation, while others come with an easy installation.

Conclusion on Best Motion Detector Security Camera

Motion sensor camera plays a crucial role to keep your home secure. You can install both your indoor and outdoor premises. They come with a unique AI feature that will send you an alert immediately after detecting any motion. 

All the above five motion detector cameras come with technological upgradation. You can choose anyone to help guard your own house.

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